• Client:

    Abbott & Holder gallery

  • category:

    Exhibition work

  • Project timeline:

    2 years

  • tags:

    Painting, botanical art


In February 2017, JR Shepherd placed the botanical kingdom in the spotlight with her solo show of over 30 new watercolour paintings at the Abbott and Holder Gallery in London. For this exhibition, a vision of a botanical dystopia was explored, challenging our own sense of scale, its value and how we measure it.

Leafscape examined the relationship between plants and mankind and how we interact with our environment and how it resonates within us. The collection invited us to explore distant memories, lost lands and invisible worlds through both sound and sight. The collection consisted of a sequence of watercolour paintings of leaves. Many of the leaves were magnified to the point where they began to reveal a whole new landscape of a miniature world within their boundaries, pushing the viewer to enter a moment of exaggerated intimacy with each leaf.

Each painting was also coded by a man-made measurement of time to mark the point of acquisition. Leafscape sought to document both natural and cultural measures of time and space in a disconcerting and beautiful way.

The written story of Leafscape can be found here

A selection of fine art prints, books and cards from the exhibition are available from Inky Leaves Publishing