• Client:

    Inky Leaves Publishing

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  • Project timeline:

    2 years

  • tags:

    Sound Installation, Audio

The Sound of Decay

This soundtrack has been composed using analogue sounds collected by the artist both in England and Spain between July 2014 and August 2016. Each individual sound extract has been captured at a specific reference point; the precise geographical location of a particular leaf. Through a process of both precise and random digital manipulation, place, time and space are intertwined.

The composition of these field recordings is paradoxically ambient yet totally immersive. This interpretation and technological merging of both the natural and artificial worlds should encourage listeners to be as aware of the diversity and beauty of sound in the city as much as that of the countryside. This is the sound of the natural world in a state of decay through interaction with the encroaching urban environment.

Sound design and digital composition by Derek Thompson. In collaboration with Jess Shepherd. Composed as a three dimensional sound installation to accompany the Leafscape exhibition in London; March 2017.

Duration: 41 minutes & 30 seconds. The length of time it takes a leaf to decay in sunlight.