JR Shepherd

Creativity is an obligation

Jessica R. Shepherd is a British artist, publisher and botanist. Collaborating with scientists and artists across the world, Jessica’s projects consider our place on Earth in the context of time.

Predominantly a painter, Jessica plays with light and scale to create intimate, poetic engagements between people and their natural environment. She combines her Romantic sensibility with a botanist’s eye, making works that bring us closer to the mystical, the irrational and the sublime.

Around her creative axis spin ideas about longing and desire, being lost or overly confined, which are concurrent with the ridiculously mundane trivia of the everyday. Her time devoted to a Masters’ degree in science has allowed Jessica to be able to blend this more logical, rigid understanding of the world with that of the mythological; crossing boundaries and producing works that are more holistic and poetic in their approach.

Often described as a botanical painter, Jessica also works on a number of other projects outside the realm of flowers. She is a writer, publisher and curator. She travels widely, collaborating with institutions, artists and scientists around the world in their work.

Jessica R. Shepherd has exhibited internationally, from London to Moscow, Granada to Hobart, and her works have been included in major exhibitions including The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, The National Botanic Garden, Dublin and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. She was winner of the Eden Prize in 2006, is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London and was elected a member of Chelsea Arts Club in 2017.

JR Shepherd